One Little Smile

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"Not only is the music sophisticated enough for parents

(and the lyrics fun and appropriate for kids) but I'm convinced

that Marc is channeling Ray Davies,  Circa 1979 and the

Kink's Low Budget album!"

- Mama's Rant

"Marc's love for his son is evident throughout the entire cd which

shows in the excellent quality and the refreshing creative sounds

sounds and instrumental arrangements found on this cd."

- Kids Music Planet

"Baze and His Silly Friends have created upbeat, fun, catchy tunes

and lyrics that are sure to appeal to preschoolers and silly friends

of all ages! We love BAHSF's music so much , we had them create

the intro to our radio show, Preschool Rock Moms! It's great music

any child would enjoy."

- Preschool rock Moms radio show

"I love the CD!! It's great! We do Children's parties and the

kids love dancing to the CD!  Highly recommended!!"

- Get Movin Parties

"One Little Smile made me smile with it's catchy folk, blues infused ditties, my fav being The Lady Bug Song. If you are looking for tunes for the kids that you find yourself singing along too, unabashedly, One Little Smile is it. Baze blends the Beatles, The Grateful Dead, and They Might Be Giants into the world of children."

- Jayce B.

"Good tunes and silly lyrics. Most of the tunes are very Beatlesque

but some of them really rock the house with blues and R&B.

Start your 2, 3 and 4 year olds on this and you might escape Britney

and the boy bands 10 years from now! Good stuff."

- Ken M.

"The songs are absolutely delightful and bring a smile to your face

I found myself listening and dancing to the tunes.The instruments

and vocals are perfect for piquing a little one's curiosity. I loved it."

- Lucy A.

"We got the CD a couple of weeks ago, and the girls (7.5 mo twins)

LOVE it. They can be a little fussy, and we turn it on, and they

just get quiet, listening to the fun songs. We love the learning songs,

but we really like the fact that the songs are fun, and have

really cool beats! Can't wait for the next CD!!"

- Jennifer C.

"Beautifully composed. My boys love it.

We love to listen to the many different instruments and sing along

to all of the songs (especially the Train song and Hootenanny Harry).

A great change of pace!"

- Helen M.

"Dylan loves this cd all the time!We listen to it pretty much everywhere,

and after we linked it to our webpage, a lot of our friends got on

board too, even the ones without kids!"

- Dyl and Mommy

"This CD has all of the elements that keep peace in the house-the kids

love it and so does Mom! Thoughtful lyrics, fun music with a great beat. This is likeable enough that you don't mind it being played numerous times-as we all know kids love to hear their favorites over and over!"

- Tracy Ann P.

"What a great CD! A nice departure from typical kid's music.

My kids (and I) LOVED the music from the instant I popped it

into the CD player.They refuse to get out of the car mid-song

because they don't want to miss the end!!

I highly recommend this!!"

- Michele T. mom of three

"Our kids eat this CD up! We've been playing this in the car since

we got it and our kids love it! It'll keep your toes tapping and  

your body moving. Great sing-a-longs for the whole family.

A great one to have if your clan is into good, catchy, fun music."

- Greg A.

"We love this CD! It has great, catchy songs you won't mind hearing

again and again. Wonderful for singing along or just boogie-ing

down with your kids! Our kids LOVE it!"

- French Toast Girl, mama of 3 toddlers

"Here comes Baze with something you can just pop

in and play without an argument. My son started singing along

with it right away! And how many kid's albums can you say remind

you of The Pogues? That's worth money to me right there!"

- Jennifer K.

"A Great Treat and Big People Friendly! My wife and I are working

on our Hope Chest and while finding things to place in it, a friend recommended this CD to add. We bought it, listened and loved it!

Terrific lyrics and melodies that are easy on the little ones and the

adults alike. The upbeat tempos made "Silly Friends" of us."

- Ty S.

"Love it! I find myself happily humming the songs.

The kids love it, but it's enjoyeble for adults too. Very refreshing!

- Stephanie S.

"I teach at Sunday school and every week when the kids are

relaxing after their lesson they always ask me to turn on

Baze And His Silly Friends. It's a huge hit."

- Claudia B.

"My kids love this cd. It's great family fun and it's not the kind

of kids songs that get annoying. It really is a favorite in our home."

- Stelle K.

"I've been babysitting for the same family for about 3 years now.

They have a 2 and 3 year old and I've never seen them get so excited

for any type of music like they do for Baze and his Silly Friends.

Couldn't make my job easier!"

- Lauren B.

"Finally a children's cd that parents won't go crazy listening to.

My six month old can instantly be distracted from what's upsetting

him as soon as I pop in the cd. Heaven sent!!"

- Laura V.

"We've been playing the CD in my car non-stop for 3 days - my kids love it!! And surprisingly, I am not going crazy!!"

- Gigi M.

"Love the CD, I played it for my niece, and it's now one of her

favorite cd's and the adults enjoy it."

- Joan M.

"Baze and His Silly Friends is just great music to

listen to. They are engaging and bright songs and we find

ourselves humming the tunes all the time. Great CD!"

- Mark S.

"My toddler loves music and always has to listen to his CD's at night.

This is his new found fave! Great music even for night time listening."

- Elizabeth